Getting started with any new technical system can feel like an uphill battle.  In addition to the typical new user on-boarding steps, you must learn how to efficiently navigate, search and get work done, often with little or no training.  It can feel like an overwhelming part of an already busy day.

A well-designed graphical user interface (GUI), especially for web-based systems, should require little or no training.  From my personal new user experience to the ECHO drawing management system, I can confidently say that the folks at DCM have delivered intuitive and simple user experience.  Getting started and finding the information I needed couldn’t have be easier.  Let me share a few notes about getting started with the ECHO system.

The process starts with each user receiving a welcome email alerting about their new user account on your company’s Drawing Management System.  The email contains your initial temporary password and upon first login you are walked-through creating a private password.  At the same time you also enter addition user profile & contact data so that the system has a good inventory of current user information.  This initial user setup process is quite easy and very straight-forward, even for the most novice of computers users.

Each company’s instance of the DCM’s ECHO Drawing Management System is configured with a branded URL and landing page to welcome users upon each visit.  A welcome training video is also available upon login so that new users can receive a short guided tour of the new interface.  Handy screen tips indicate the most efficient means to perform the most common actions within the drawing management system.

Ask about our on-line ECHO demo to see and try it for yourself.  Your team will thank you for making the switch.