The workplace of today goes well beyond the four cubicle walls and 9 to 5 hours.  The workforce of today is adapting to work where and when needed.  Work is performed in the field at remote or client sites, during impromptu meetings, from home and away on the road.
construction-crane-w480With the ECHO drawing management system from DCM, your technical drawings and documents are always accessible to follow your mobile workforce where and when these resources are needed most.

The ECHO system is delivered as an Internet-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) application.  The ECHO drawing management system is fully mobile and accessible anywhere an Internet connection (wired, wireless or cellular-based), is available.  Whether your company provides end-user mobile devices, (such as laptops, tablets or smartphones), or has adopted a bring your own device (BYOD) mobility model, the ECHO system is ubiquitously available on any device as it only requires a standard web or mobile browser.

Using a secure and encrypted Internet connection, your entire repository of technical drawings and documents is available to your employees via the newly redesigned and seamless ECHO web-interface.   Handy personalized features such as recently viewed documents, marked favorites and automatic suggestions allow for quick access to common documents.  Touch-screen controls such as a simple swipe allow users to cycle through a set of drawing thumbnails.  Touch to click in order to make the drawing’s title block, revision information all visible.  Again, simply touch the thumbnail preview image to view the entire drawing in full screen, which allowing zooming and panning around the drawing as needed.  There is no need to download the entire drawing file or any special software required to simply view the drawing on any mobile device.

Using the efficient & powerful ECHO search feature, the exact drawing can be located in seconds.  Detailed document search criteria often includes client name, project number, location, wing, floor and discipline.

Mobile Drawing Access

An ECHO-based mobile drawing access solution will  empower your technical workforce with valuable information where and when needed.  There are numerous specific vocational use cases that demonstrate the benefit of a drawing management system across all levels of the enterprise and industries.

  • Building maintenance & facilities workers access the correct building schematics & equipment manuals.
  • Construction & renovation builders, and skilled trades accessing the latest architectural, building systems, services & as-built drawings.
  • Equipment & mechanical service technicians accessing manuals, equipment assembly and service documents.
  • Engineers & project managers accessing the latest design & engineering documents.
  • Executives, Management & Sales access the latest client proposal project documents and drawings.

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