No drawing conversion is 100% accurate run through high-volume process alone. And yet, this is where many of our competitors sign-off. There is no magic software that can perform a

trustworthy, complete drawing conversion.  Even the best software remains limited in understanding crucial details. For example, the true intrinsic composition of overlapping shape objects in a given drawing.

Automated & Hand Crafted

DCM automates what can be automated for efficiency but then each drawing conversion is manually manipulated – our hands-on touch!  This hands-on human correction is essential to correct and redraw what the automation process unable to accurately convert.


We fine-tune each drawing conversion by putting it through our proprietary 8-point Quality Control. We apply drafting principles, CAD standards, and your specifications.  Following your specification ensure that drawings are consistent across the conversion project and/or with your current practices.

The appointed Production Manager looks it over to make sure your drawing is complete and ready for immediate use without any compromises.