Nothing is more inefficient than paper!

That’s the simple reason why companies of all sizes worldwide have major initiatives to go paperless.  And the problems are even worse for those jobs and industries that work with large technical drawings or architectural blueprints, plotted onto massive reams of paper.

convert paper drawings

Does your filing cabinet, drawing storage room or Engineering Department look anything like this ‘BEFORE’ picture?

You’re not alone.  This is pretty much the norm for anyone who needs to work with and retain old paper drawings.  And of course the solution is simple…

Convert Paper Drawings

The benefits of converting drawing from paper to any digital format, (usually AutoCAD) are numerous and cost effective.

  • Backups – paper-only copies are often irreplaceable, (unless you have an offsite duplicate storage room), are very susceptible to fire/flood/water leaks/etc.  A digital version is easy to store, backup and keep safe.
  • Ease of Access – How long does it take to find something in the paper jungle?  Surely your staff can be using their time more productively elsewhere.  With the right software, drawing inventory and drawing organization structure, all of your digital drawing assets can be at your finger-tips in seconds using DCM’s Drawing Management System (DMS).
  • It’s Easy – with our Drawing Conversion Service, it’s quick & affordable for us to convert your paper drawings of any size into AutoCAD (2D or 3D), PDF or any other digital format you require.
  • It’s Eco-friendly – Once converted, recycle your old paper drawings and stop plotting any further drawings unless absolutely necessary.  Using our Drawing Management System (ECHO), your drawings are available 24x7 from anywhere in the world via the Internet, from a PC or tablet device.  With a number of free and low-cost viewer/reviewer/editor programs available for practically format and platform, anyone who needs to find & work with your drawings in any capacity, can do so readily in electronic format.