How do you keep thousands of drawings current and easy to find?

With our Drawing Management System.
It’s that simple.

Our DMS is a lightning-fast library. Your current drawings are filed neatly behind its user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to backrooms and hours lost…

This is how we manage your drawings:

Physical drawings gathered. Drawing rooms organized.

In-depth report of your current document inventory.

Data Entry.
10-20 point inventory database created for easy retrieval of digital or hard copy documents.

Drawing Management Software.
Store/Update/Retrieve your drawings with a POWERFUL user-friendly web-based system.

Maintenance & Training.
Our relationship doesn’t end at the sale. Let us help you maintain the solutions that we provide.

Master autoCAD.
Years of information from drawings compiled to one master Baseline Operation Drawing.

Those outdated, damaged blueprints are actually valuable, irreplaceable assets! But if you lose them to fire, water, or theft…they’re worthless. With a DMS, you can find and update your digital drawings in seconds.

Why use DCM?

Because we are The Drawing Specialists and we offer a quality product backed by superior customer service at a competitive price.

That’s the short answer.


Here’s the longer one:

Each facility is unique. Some require a full solution and some only need one of our services. We can assemble project teams to meet your specific needs. Our DMS services are available through a network of interconnected offices that serve locally but access expertise from anywhere, all coordinated through our Canadian head office. With years of experience in document audits, organization, scanning, data entry, document management, and maintenance, we can customize each step to solve your individual problem.

We would be happy to review your situation at no obligation and assist you in protecting and preserving your information. We take pride in our drawing conversion and management. Let DCM Inc. show you how to get from there to here. We will modernize your document workflow and you decide which components of our full-solution you need.