At most organizations, drawings are usually only created for specific projects: original construction, renovations, expansions, etc.  Thus over a number of years, various versions of numerous drawings are created and revised as needed.  This results in current & relevant information being difficult to locate and confirm.

Creation of a Master CAD plan is the best way to compile all relevant and current information into a single CAD drawing that becomes your bench mark drawing, or as we like to call it at DCM, your Baseline Operation Drawing.  Amalgamation and consolidation of disparate technical information sets into a single & well managed drawing allows an organization to leverage the value of past drawings while ensuring future operating efficiencies.

Master CAD plans can be comprised from a mix of paper, PDF, AutoCAD and pretty much any drawing format.

Contact us at DCM Inc. to further discuss the process of creating your baseline operating drawing and start realizing the efficiencies from having this valuable asset readily available.