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Working with the medical industry gave DCM valuable insight. Medical personnel were frustrated with the amount of time lost searching for documents and discovering, once this document was found, that it was not the correct version. Not only was this a significant loss of time and money, it identified a lack of security of valuable assets. DCM went to work to build a solution for the medical field. The result was the introduction of the Drawing Management System (DMS) in 2006. Our DMS software is powerful, but user-friendly, making it the solution of choice for medical facilities. Our solution solved the problem of hours wasted looking for drawings. The demand for the DMS in this field drove us to make it better. We increased our capacity and streamlined our processes to bring our clients more for less. By doing so, we were able to reduce our costs by as much as 35%, a savings passed on to our end-users. As we continue to improve our DMS, we have been able to reduce our pricing each year. The result is one we’re proud of. DCM’s Drawing Management System now manages 21 Canadian health care organizations in 46 locations, and 34 schools in Ontario. Our most recent honour was being chosen by Environment Canada for their drawing management system.

Hands on!

We like to get our hands dirty! Many drawing conversion companies throw software at a project as the only solution. But what about your back room shelves full of paper? This is where DCM makes a difference.

From start to finish we are a hands-on company. We come to you, audit your archives, identify duplicates and superceeded documents, carefully scan them to digital, and catalogue the critical information. We are proud of our whole-solution from start to delivery.


Our drawing conversion quality has a trusted history. Helping you improve your bottom line really does matter to DCM! Document Conversion Management Inc. proudly serves a repeat client base of over 200 from coast to coast across Canada and the United States. For over 28 years, we have organized and managed thousands of drawings in the industrial and engineering sectors (civil, electrical, mechanical and structural). In recent years DCM has grown into managing digital format for the military, architectural firms, utilities, medical facilities, power plants, courthouses, manufacturers, school boards, and many others. 

Customer Service

Our quality drawing conversions and DMS provide a comprehensive drawing management solution, but it is our customer service that puts us at the top. We are there long after the initial work is complete. Our clients appreciate the long-term benefit of an ongoing relationship because of our commitment to customer service. We are a friendly bunch! As we continue to grow, our goal remains the same: provide precise drawing solutions at a competitive price and back it up with industry-respected customer service and support. Current clients and new clients can expect the best value on the market from DCM.

Years of experience

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Our team is built on innovation and creativity in the pursuit of excellence. In competitive bidding against major companies such as IBM and Bell Canada, DCM has come out on top because of our inclusive offering, pricing, and superior customer service.

Our founders

Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell

Director of Sales & Marketing

Julie's bio

Julie’s dedication to DCM Inc. started when the doors first opened in 2004. Since then she has been hands-on in the development of DCM’s products and services. Julie has a unique ability to foster close relationships with her clients, ensuring customer service is number one. As her customer’s voice, Julie’s insight has been critical in improving DCM’s document management system. This has created significant opportunities for DCM and our customers. Her love of travel works well with her career, but in her spare time you will find her planning the next adventure with her family and friends. Julie continues to build strong networks and is the face of DCM Inc for new prospects. Her knowledge, hard work, professionalism, determination and vision reach each of DCM’s clients and inspires our company as a whole.

Office: 705-878-7326 ex. 221
Cell: 705-341-8117
Toll Free: 1-855-858-CADD
Darryl Mitchell

Darryl Mitchell

Director of Operations

Darryl's bio

An industry expert with over 17 years working with drawings in engineering and manufacturing environments, Darryl brings accuracy to the family business. He oversees engineering, production, IT, and facilities for DCM. In addition to his daily roles, Darryl manages all strategic planning and organization, ensuring flawless quality control and client satisfaction with each job folder. At home on the outskirts of Historical Lindsay, Darryl and his wife Tammy are raising their four children. In his spare time he enjoys crafting wood and working on their dream home. Family and friends would say that Darryl approaches his personal life, as well as his business, with a can-do attitude. Profoundly driven and perfectionist by nature, Darryl strives to automate processes, and systemize operating structures. His calculating, sharp business management skills have raised DCM above the competition.

Office: 705-878-7326 ex. 225
Cell: 705-431-2097
Toll Free: 1-855-858-CADD
Darrell Mitchell

Darrell Mitchell

Founding President & CEO

Darrell's bio

After 25 years of executive management in the industry, Darrell leveraged his experience and passion to start DCM Inc. over a decade ago. His entrepreneurial vision and determination has grown his company with over 80 facilities using DCM’s well-known document management system. His passion for people and his pursuit for excellence at DCM is evidenced in his hand-picked “A team” of employees, who meet every job with enthusiasm and accuracy. Darrell is committed to his employees and devotes his time to analyzing business models, always striving to achieve more. In Darrell’s spare time he can be found tinkering around the house, catching the Nascar race, deep into a book, or playing with his 10 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. He shares his home with his wife/soul mate, Cindy, of over 36 years. Darrell’s passion for sensible business solutions has gained him recognition in the medical sector. By invitation, he has been the keynote speaker on document management three times at the Canadian Health Care Engineering Society national convention. His drive and fact-based thinking has steered DCM Inc from the ground up.

Office: 705-878-7326 ex. 223
Cell: 705-878-7730
Toll Free: 1-855-858-CADD

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the choice to manage your drawings digitally is a smart one. Since every client has different needs, DCM provides a per-client custom solution. Here are some of the frequently asked questions from new clients.

Have a different question?

What kind of clients do you work with?
DCM works with virtually anyone who requires access to drawings on a regular basis. Project Managers, Maintenance Managers, Tradespeople, Facility Managers, Planning Directors, Engineers, Architects and Administrators in Hospitals, School boards, Public Utilities, Government Facilities and Civil Infrastructure all benefit from DCM’s unique solutions.
What is your turn around time?
A typical turnaround time for 1-5 “E-size” sheets is 3 days.
How is DCM different?
We work from the ground floor up. The first step is to collect your old paper drawings with care. We sort through each drawing—with our own eyes—identifying the relevant documents. We apply searchable information tags, and trap the digital files that are current and correct. We go the extra mile compared to our competitors with our “hands-on” approach.
What is a baseline operation drawing?
Maintenance staff are responsible for managing years of project drawings for reference. There might be an original base drawing when the building was built, but over time multiple projects add to and alter that original drawing. Having to review each of these drawings to maintain the building becomes a time-consuming task. Especially if one or more of the drawings have damage. The solution to this problem is to have ONE reference drawing relating to ONE discipline in ONE area of the building. DCM reviews all current drawings, consolidates them, matches the edges and creates baseline operation drawings for each floor and discipline. The baseline drawings can be uploaded into your DMS for immediate access and use by staff.
What is an audit?

We sort, compare, and tag your documents and produce a comprehensive report that details your new document inventory status: Most current version (Master), old versions (Superseded) or duplicates (duplicate copy with no mark-ups).

What is cataloguing?
Your drawing inventory is housed in SQL databases. We capture 10 to 20 points of critical information for each document including discipline, floor, dates of origin, and revision. Everything customized to each unique facility. Everything required to find a drawing quickly. Each of these catalogued documents are labelled with a unique ID#.

What our clients say


I would like to provide to you and your staff our sincere appreciation for the very professional and cost effective job well done. Toronto East General Hospital

We are extremely satisfied… The work was performed on time, on budget, and in a professional matter meeting our needs. Manager, Facilities & Development

DCM Inc. provided OSMH with a service that has been efficient, accurate, and effective in all respects. Soldiers Memorial Hospital